Another Jungle

by Kristin Idaszak

Directed by Tara Branham

A Co-Production with Cloudgate Theatre

April 10-29, 2018

The Buena (4147 N. Broadway St, Chicago)

The audience has arrived at the theatre to see a show about the Chicago slaughterhouses – only to find that the play has been canceled. Instead, the writer is there to give a slideshow presentation about the history of the stockyards. In trying to explore her family’s Polish identity and the exploitation of stockyard workers, the writer unintentionally exposes a trauma from her own past. Inspired by Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, ANOTHER JUNGLE explores the misuse of power, the way narratives get co-opted, and the way identity accretes over the course of generations. ANOTHER JUNGLE is a 2017 Honorable Mention recipient of the American Playwriting Foundation’s Relentless Award. Learn more and get tickets here!


Aug 21 - Sept 17, 2018 

IRT (154 Christopher St, NYC)

Come join us during our month-long residency at IRT! While we're there, we will premiere our works Bluets and Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium.  In addition to performing our own work, The Syndicate will also curate and produce First Read, a week of staged readings and roundtable discussions featuring queer, trans, and non-binary artists (learn more and submit here). Watch this space for more info-- it's going to be an epic month.